Hated in my own home

Without warning one of the 2 year old girls we were caring for erupted into a panicked coughing fit in the room nearby where they were currently napping. It was nothing serious but she was panicked trying to catch her breath and upset by it. As I happened to be closest at the time instinct kicked in and I immediately dashed into the bedroom to assist her and make sure she was okay. As I walked into the room to see her struggling with her cough, she rejected my offer for help by turning away (while still struggling) until my wife entered the room in what was probably about five seconds behind me to provide comfort which she readily accepted. I was heartbroken. This is a reflective post on our first respite placement with sisters Karla … [Read more...]

Dealing with wariness

Our second respite foster care placement would be with our first set of regular ongoing respite arrangements: 6 year old Erica and her younger 4 year old sister Megan (fictional names and stock image used). This was my first experience of dealing with wariness and something we both found very challenging to work through so I wanted to share my experience of this. The issue didn't immediately present itself. In fact the carers had prepared the children incredibly well for their time with us and after some initial nervousness it didn't take them long to turn into chatterboxes and settle for their first night of sleep at our place. For the first full day with them we had planned an outing where we would visit Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. We … [Read more...]