Infertility and the sunrise on becoming stronger through personal struggles

My previous post on the sunset of the possibility of starting our own family is not the end of the story, just the beginning of a new one. As more time passed I was able to slowly come to terms with the thought that we would not be able to start a family of our own. There were times of acceptance and times of anguish, but as more time passed I moved much more to a place of acceptance with thoughts of sadness only creeping in occasionally. With this acceptance came the ability to be able to reflect back over our journey through infertility and think about all the ways it has impacted my life, for better or worse. I believe God has a plan for my life but in the fog of the curses it can be difficult for us to see the blessings. In my … [Read more...]

Infertility and the sunset on the possibility of starting our own family

Our journey with infertility goes back about 10 years. In around 2006 my wife and I had been married for a few years and were both comfortable with the idea of starting a family so we started trying to conceive. You can never expect these things to happen straight away, and after about a year my wife starting getting anxious on why it was taking so long although I was more optimistic and felt we just needed to be patient. Another year went by and it was difficult to ignore the increased concerns of my wife on why things were taking so long so we decided to find a specialist to have some tests done and get checked out to see if there was any issues we need to address. So in 2008 we had some tests done as it seemed like the logical next … [Read more...]