A quick refresher in case you haven't been following along - we suddenly became full-time carers with David - a 12 year old boy (fictional names used) in our care. About 4-5 months into the placement we had seen a lot of improvement in overall health (better eating, weight gain and growth for his age) and had committed to caring for David long-term. However life wasn't easy and we were dealing with some pretty severe transference and anger issues in day to day life which were continuing to escalate. When I started writing here I committed to share my experiences both good and bad for the benefit of carers and potential carers alike, and this post definitely falls into the bad category. But in amongst the difficult situations we must learn … [Read more...]

My ‘Matrix moment’

Many big decisions in life are difficult to pinpoint to a particular moment in time, however I can narrow down my personal decision to become a foster carer to a particular moment in time (or at least within a few hours). I'm going to show my age with reference to the 1999 sci-fi classic and refer to this as my 'Matrix moment'. It was a lovely Spring evening and my wife and I were taking a leisurely walk along some water-front. We had spent an exhaustive day in day 1 of a 2 day training program our agency provides to new and/or potential carers. Up until this point foster care was something I was interested in but mostly my wife was looking into. Whenever I started thinking through it I could really only come to a conclusion of needing … [Read more...]