Who is A Foster Dad? I’m an Australian in my thirties, married,  and recently started foster caring. We’ve been married for over 10 years but we have no biological children. We both work full-time and currently providing respite care on weekends. My wife and I are committed Christians and while it is my hope that you may find my story interesting regardless of your faith, it is something I want to share up front as my beliefs will be revealed through my story from time to time. There is a lot more to say about my story – how I got to this point, where I’m at, and where I’m going – but these are all things I’ll explore as time goes by.

What’s this website about? As the tagline summarises this blog is all about my life learning how to care for kids. I don’t claim to be an expert or know everything there is to know about being a foster carer. What I can offer is that I’m passionate about giving this my best shot and sharing my story in a open and honest way: providing insights into foster care, sharing lessons I learn along the way through the good times and the bad.

Why don’t you use your real name? There are two reasons for this. Firstly, part of being a foster carer involves confidentiality with the children we are providing care for and many of the people we interact with so staying anonymous helps with that. Secondly (and most importantly) it’s about being able to share about my personal experiences more openly and honestly. Foster care exposes you to unique situations and challenges with close friends and family and I just feel I would be too restricted to share transparently about these situations if I was to use my real name. With this freedom I hope to be able to provide more valuable insight into what it’s like to provide foster care.

Why are you doing this? When we started out I did what anybody would have done and sought out books, websites and other resources on foster care and parenting. There is an overwhelming amount of information available and I’ve no where near scratched the surface. But something I really struggled to find was stories and perspectives from male foster carers on the unique challenges they encounter. It was at this point I started wondering about sharing my own story from the start. By sharing my story I hope it may be of some use to other people to get a better insight into the life of a foster carer. Another more personal reason is to just use this blog to capture and reflect on my own experiences as a way of mentally processing them. Lastly I hope to build some community and share feedback from other carers out there on various topics as well.

Why do you use fake names when discussing children which have been in your care? Apart from the obvious (that as a foster carer we have a responsibility to respect a child’s story as their own and for legal reasons can’t reveal the identity of the kids) there is another reason for this. What may have been easier when reflecting on certain situations is to describe the children generically (such as “five year old boy” or “3 year old girl”). However there is something impersonal about this approach that takes the reality and humanity away from a very real and individual situation. By using fake names I hope to remind readers that the stories and situations I share are not just statistics but real people.

I hope this brief introduction gives you a sample of what to expect in future posts and I appreciate you for stopping by and taking a look. Much more will be revealed as I share bits and pieces of my story with you in the future. If you’re on twitter you can follow me at @afosterdad or if you have any questions, feedback or topic suggestions you can also contact me here. I’d love for you to join me as I share my life learning how to care for kids!

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